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What are Yoni Pops good for?

Woman using grape fruit as a Yoni

What are Yoni Pops good for?

Yoni Pops are great for improving your PH balance in your vagina, which in turn helps fight off bacteria causing STD's and yeast infections. Herbs are from the earth their natural with little to NO side effects. I'm not sure why the internet is giving yoni pops a bad rep but are giving big pharma the spot light with vinegar douches and chemical gels made of who knows what the heck they are made of. We aren't medical professionals but given all the positive feedback and amazing long-term results from Yoni Pops and the RICH history from Yoni Detox, we just can't understand all the negative vibes against Yoni Pops from doctors and the FDA.

Lets not forget the horrible side effects that come from vinegar douches that cost $1.25+. Such as bacterial vaginosis, vaginal thrush, Difficulty falling pregnant, & pelvic inflammatory disease.

Not only do Yoni Pops help improve PH Balance but they also increase vaginal wetness, increase tightness in the vagina, assist with relief from herpes outbreaks, & reduce vaginal odors. They even help to reduce relieve hemorrhoids & repetitive yeast infections.

When inserted our Yoni Pops begin to work right away and you start to see new improved results in 4-6hrs. Results can last up to thirty days. Excellent to use at the end of menstrual cycle at least 3 days out from your last menstrual day.

I almost forgot they're excellent for women on a pescatarian diet.

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How do you insert Yoni Pops?

How do you insert Yoni Pops?


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