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Fruit Loops Bath Salt

Will make you feel like a kid again! Have your skin feeling fresh, soft, and rejuvenated; all while smelling like fruitloops.

Wholesale prices Available


Conditions water and provide nutrients to the skin
Leaves skin petal soft and lightly fragranced
Great muscle relaxer and an excellent stress reducer
Provides relief from psoriasis
Epsom salts relieve muscles aches and pains
Sea salt bath provides relaxation and minerals to your skin
Great for Crafts, Shower and Party Favors, Gifts, and more...
Great for resalers, relabeling is welcome



3oz with cork lid

Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, epsom salt, veegetable glycerin, vitamin e oil, baking soda, sea salt, essential oil blend, lime oil.


Sprinkle bath salts into warm bath water and swirl the water around. Then enjoy the soothing and relaxing soak!

Please use caution as the bathtub may become slippery with the bath salts.


We use 100% natural ingredients, but please verify ingredients for allergens before use. If irritation or allergy occurs, please discontinue use immediately.

Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before using our products.

If you have some allergens to avoid, please contact us for customizing options.