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Candle and wax-melt sprinkles

Not food grade. Coated LIGHTLY with UNFLAME odorless to Offer a Reduced Fire Hazard. Making it perfect for wax melts & Candles.


Not to be used in soaps as they may change the color of the base.

Will not bleed under a pouring temperature of 175•F

Make sure the scent your using is under 0.3% Vanillin as that will make your wax pink/grey.

Can be used with clear Elmer glue on any jar.

Adds a bit to any birthday cake or cupcake candle ❤️

Comes in a 4oz jar. Filled by weight.

These will not melt or catch fire.

They are unscented to be used in wax for style or decorations on your diy candles.