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Teddy Bear Waxmelts

Comes with 38 1inch sized wax melts.

QTY: 38

Weight: 3.5oz

Random color will be sent

2 ounces of wax melts will last you 8-14 days if you're a casual burner. If your a heavy wax melt user then 2 ounces will last you 6-9 days. 

1 wax tart will last for 3 days minimum, providing you with a long-lasting scent.

Wax melts allow you to get the aroma of fresh baked goods without the worry of actually baking.

These wax melts are created with premium soy wax and high-quality fragrance oils.

Save more when you buy in bulk by the ounce.

How to use the wax melts:
Add 2 to 3 wax melts or 1 wax tart according to the size of your wax warmer and delight in the aroma. Recommendation of using a vegetable cutter or any knife on larger wax tarts to cut the wax into smaller pieces before placing it into your wax warmer. When the scent has burned away, please remove and add another fresh melt. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your wax warmer. Melted wax will be very hot. Do not leave unattended, near children, or pets.

The wattage of your warmer CAN affect the scent/throw given off. Recommended 25 watts for large spaces and 15 watts for smaller areas.

Never leave melting wax unattended. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Never add water or any foreign substance to your warmer. DO NOT EAT. This product is not for food use or consumption. Avoid skin contact with hot or warm wax. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your wax warmer.

Please be aware that actual product colors may vary from the colors shown on your monitor. Wax is poured in small batches so colors may not look the same or have the same amount of glitter/sprinkles shown on the product images if we send that sample.