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Nature Scented Wax Melts, Choose Your Scent

Hand-Poured from our Family in Jacksonville Florida to yours. 

***If it doesn’t allow you to add it to the cart that means it’s out of stock****

Highly Scented as soy wax is able to retain more fragrance than any other wax.

6 cubes in each clamshell pack transitioning to 100% 2.75oz clamshells.

Our soy wax melts work well in electric or tea light wax burners. They are highly scented. We recommend starting with 1 melt cube. You could always add another if desired. Our Soy Wax holds a heavy amount of fragrance and we use the maximum amount that the wax can hold to give you an optimal scent throw.

We know that you will absolutely love our scents. We test each batch to ensure we achieve a top-quality scent that you will absolutely love!




⦁ 100% Natural Vegan Soy Wax

⦁ Non-Toxic And Clean Burning

⦁ Environmentally Friendly And Biodegradable

⦁ Hand-Poured In Small Batches

⦁ Phthalate Free Fragrance

⦁ Supports American Farmers By Using Their Soybeans  

Wax melts packs are 2.75oz each. Get more bang for your buck by purchasing two *smile*. 

2.75ounces of wax melts will last you 9-14 days if you're a casual burner. If your a heavy wax melt user then 2.75 ounces will last you 6-9 days. 

1 wax tart will last for 2 days minimum, providing you with a long-lasting scent.

*Disclaimer* ❤️These are handmade so color and shape design varies❤️** random shape & Design sent per a order.

Easy to use and convenient!

Feel free to message US with any questions before purchasing.